This week’s lessons

Years K-PP

Below you will find a group of activities you can do with your child at home to support the learning occuring in the classroom.



Read a book outside in the back yard.


Curl up in a ball on the floor. Start counting from 0 to 10. As you count higher move up onto your feet and then higher and higher until you form a rocket ship blasting off.


Practice writing s,a,t on a sheet of paper.

Letters and Sounds

Rainbow write your name 3 times in your book.

Gross Motor

Have a hopping race with others at home in the yard.

Watch a storybook

Got any questions?

A good education is like our songs – it is our dream for our children, grandchildren and future generations.  It was our parents and our grandparents dream for us.  We want the dream to be strong again.  We want our children and our community to have strong bodies and minds and get their belief in themselves back again.  Strong bodies and minds and a good education enable you to be strong in both worlds: white man’s ways and Aboriginal ways.