Welcome to Roebourne Online Learning. This is an online hub for learning at Roebourne District High School. We have designed this site to be a flexible, highly engaging site that supports the learning in our classrooms. 

Wankgaa Mirnumanhy Ngurrayi

Wanthiwa, Wayiba, Tharnarru.

Ngayi garngagamarra Ngaarda manggurla.

Ngayi barni gurndala jurlu Ngurraarngarli Australiyala.

Ngayi barni gurndala Ngarluma Mirraaarngarli nhula barnayi burla, yala barningu, marni ganagarri murrinii nhula Ngarluma ngurrangga Yirramagaardula. Wanthila ngayi barni mirnuwarningu barni gurndala, barni nhaungarra, barni magurra jurluangga nganingarli ngayi domarnu.

Acknowledgement to Country


I am a proud Aboriginal child.

I pay my respect to all tradtional owners across Australia.

I pay my respect to Ngarluma Elders past, present, and those that are coming in the future here in Ngarluma country, Roebourne. Where I am standing and learning to be respectful, to be responsible and to be safe in all things that I do.


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About Us

Roebourne Online Learning is an educational  website designed to support the staff and students at Roebourne District High School. The need for this website was born out of the Covid-19 Pandemic as Roebourne DHS explored ways to engage with our students with the potential of long term social distancing measures in place. Roebourne DHS partnered up with BIG hART and Ngaarda Media to create an online learning platform that was context specific and culturally appropriate. Learn more about the organisations here.

Let's Learn! 

A good education is like our songs - it is our dream for our children, grandchildren and future generations. 

It was our parents and our grandparents dream for us.  We want the dream to be strong again.  We want our children and our community to have strong bodies and minds and get their belief in themselves back again.  Strong bodies and minds and a good education enable you to be strong in both worlds: white man’s ways and Aboriginal ways.